Monday, 10 March 2014

Annarine's Quilt complete

I have completed Annarine's Twin Quilts. They were the last 2 client quilts to have been done in this house. Next up is Anna in the new house! That means I still have to pack my studio for the big move on Friday! I actually got a tear in my eye when I printed little 'goodbye' cards for my son's school this morning. Tomorrow is his last day at Klein Fonteintjies Kleuterskool and then it is on to the next chapter. The new house is only 30km away, in the next town of Krugersdorp, Gauteng. It's bigger, close to the schools, no traffic, and Granny lives close by as well...

So, back to Annarine's quilts, I have opted for a more all-over freehand scroll design and straight lines in the centre blocks. It worked and I'm happy. Hope she will be too when she collects tomorrow.

This is number 2 front and back:

And this is the twin quilt number 1:

I'm off to pack the studio. See you on the other side!

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Update on Annarine's Quilts

So quilt 1 is complete, Annarine will do her own binding so that she can master the art...

I love custom quilting. But once in a while a quilt comes around that actually calls for an edge-to-edge pattern. And in hindsight I think this quilt was one of them. The fabric is so bold and vibrant and the pattern is irregular, no amount of custom work, even if it was done in black, would have done it more justice (I think). I have opted for more of a background fill, alternating between a bubble type fill and a wonky in-out triangle design with a loose leave-like feather in the centre blocks. The quilt lies flat and square and I hope Annarine will be happy. This is the quilt that has a twin sister, just more orange overall. I wonder... I have not made my mind up yet as to what to do on her. Similar style or edge-to-edge? We'll see.


Happy Quilting!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Anna de Klerk's Flower Quilt

gee wiz, 2 blog posts in one day! I'm outdoing myself!

I did another quilt for Anna de Klerk. She is very happy with it and it now hangs in her Franschoek home. It was a fun one to do, all free hand.

Now I'm on to two quilts Annarine has booked with me, the first is off the frame and I'm busy with the second. I will show more pics when I'm done with the second quilt - they are twins.

ok, back to work!

Happy Quilting!

It's been a while...

Well, it's March! I keep on saying I will update the blog this week and then the week is gone..

It's been a busy year so far and promises to be a busy one ahead. In between Teachers Accreditation Courses, client quilts, ill children, travelling husband, we are now moving house as well!!! Oh my dear, there is a lot of boxes standing around for the big move next week. I still need to pack my studio...But I can't wait for the new house. We will have a lot more space for the family to grow and prosper. And my new studio...Oh My, it's double the size of my current studio! Yeah! And hubby has a nice big office, also double the size! A new and exciting venture.

I did some client work this year. First up was another baby quilt for Beryl, all freemotion quilting. She did not want a heavy fill stitch on this quilt.

I also played a bit...made a handbag from this piece of freemotion quilting, pieced and layered cloth. It was intended as a gift for my Sister-In-Law but a lady at our guild meeting fell in love with it, and I let her buy it from me. SO... I had to make a new bag for Elna, she got the "New and Improved" version, bigger and better. She still needs to send me pics of her bag as I literally finished it on my way to her birthday tea.

Happy Quilting!